Inspection of
Temporary Structures

Technical verification office accredited by the French Ministry of the Interior and by the business association for tents and temporary installations (ASPEC).

Who are DEVECEM?

Inspections of
Temporary Structures

DEVECEM, is the First Franco-Spanish Technical Verification Body accredited by the French Ministry of the Interior according to article CTS 3 of the decree of 01/23/1985, which obliges the owner or developer to request the intervention of a centralizing bureau of verification for the appropriate regulatory technical inspections of Tents, Stores, and Structures.

Accredited company and member of ASPEC

Our services


We have a virtual platform and a team of international experts to carry out: TECHNICAL CONFERENCES, PRESENTATIONS and SPECIALIZATION COURSES


We carry out all kinds of initial, periodic, modification, maintenance or expert inspections adapted to the client's needs.


We have a team of experts in CONTROL and INSPECTIONS to APPROVE all kinds of REMOVABLE AND/OR EVENTUAL STRUCTURES at a European and international level.


Inspections and final certificates of assemblies prior to the start of all kinds of activities located in temporary facilities installed in the short, medium or long term.


Studies and advice on security, accessibility and legalization of public establishments (events, shows, weddings...) and detachable industrial establishments.

Expertise and Mediation

Friendly or judicial expertise. Conflict mediation in the sector of temporary installations and events. Associated with CIECAP (PARIS), ABEX (BRUXELLES) and APCAJCV (VALENCIA)

We certify your projects at a European level

Expert reports and regulatory technical verifications according to EEC requirements

Our Latest Inspections